Great advice. I ended up signing with a newer agent who had ALL the passion for my work. I have a friend who had one of the top literary agents in one of the oldest and most respected agencies in the business, but had no passion for her work. They have since parted ways.

Also, when this draft popped up in my email this morning, I recognized your name.

Five years ago, when injuries forced me to work part time as a physio, and I suddenly had some extra time on my hands, I took your Writing for Children class through UBC's continuing education. I wrote a picture book, which was dreadful and a middle grade book, which was also dreadful. I've since written three more novels, and many nonfiction pieces and short stories, over thirty of which have been published, and even won a few major contests. I signed with my agent in August last year.

Thank you for inspiring me to embark on this journey!

Happy writing.

Award-winning writer of CNF, short stories & novels—horror, magical realism, romance, speculative fiction—adult & YA. Presently in Shitt’s Creek withdrawal.