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Critique Partners: What You Need to Know

What are They, Why Do you Need Them, and Where Do You Find Them

Leslie Wibberley
6 min readMay 27, 2019


A follow up to my piece on Beta Readers.

Critique Partner vs Beta Reader

What’s the difference?

Beta Reader:

  • An avid reader who does not necessarily have any writing background, although they can, who reads your entire manuscript after it has been polished. They offer their opinion about what is or is not working in your story based on their own subjective tastes and experiences.

Critique Partner:

  • A fellow writer/author who provides thoughtful and informed feedback on your work, based on their own skill set and knowledge as a writer, in exchange for your own. Critiques can be done in shorter batches, often a chapter at a time, and often at an earlier stage of the revision process. Many CP’s will exchange full manuscripts at the



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